Saleae clone drivers for Windws 8.1 64bit

About 1,5 year ago I bought a Saleae clone for about 12$. Saleae clone is a small logic analyser built with 8051 microcontroller (CY7C6813A-68VPXC) with USB on board, that uses an original Saleae Logic software.

Cheap saleae clone with 8051 microcontroller.
Seleae clone.

As I remember I had some problems with drivers on Windows XP. But after a brief exchange of e-mails the seller send me a proper drivers that worked perfectly on my computer.

Now after hardware and OS update to Windows 8.1 64bit there was again a problem with drivers. I tried the original Drivers provided with Logic software but they didn’t work. Same thin with drivers that worked on WinXP 32bit. I also tried a number of other drivers found on the internet bot non of them were working.

In the last act of desperation I started to play with content of the driver files.
Finally I managed to develop a working version:

Saleae clone drivers (Win 8.1):