Internet LTE w plusie na Xiaomi mi 5

Sorry that this post is not in English but this problem is related only to polish mobile network.

Po kilku godzinach walki, aby zadziałało w końcu LTE w plusie na moim Xiaomi Mi 5 znalazłem działające rozwiązanie.

Ustawienia sieci plus

Najpierw sprawdzamy czy mamy włączone LTE w Plusie kodem: *101#
Jeśli mamy wyłączone LTE aktywujemy je kodem: *101*11*24#

Ustawienia telefonu:

Wchodzimy w Ustawienia -> Karty Sim i sieci komórkowe -> SIM X (tam gdzie mamy kartę plusa) -> Punkty dostępu -> Plus internet

APN z „internet” na „plus
Typ APN z „default,supl” na „default, supl” !!! bardzo ważna spacja po przecinku !!!
Protokół APN z „IPv4/IPv6” na „IPv4

Wchodzimy w Ustawienia -> Karty Sim i sieci komórkowe -> SIM X (tam gdzie mamy kartę plusa) -> Preferowany tryb sieci
i wybieramy „Preferowane sieci LTE

Uruchamiamy ponownie telefon, bez tego nie wskoczymy do sieci 4G.


Przetestowane na MIUI 8

Auriol IAN94702 kitchen timer manual

Each time there is time change between summer and winter I always have to look for a manual to kitchen timer Auriol IAN94702.
Now it is in this place so I don’t have to look for it.

Auriol IAN94702 kitchen timer manual PDF

Quick manual for Setting the time:

  1. In Clock mode, press and hold down the CLOCK (TIMER) key 5 for 3 seconds. The top field of the display 1 flashes.
  2. Press the SEC key 4 , the MIN key 3 or the HR key 2 to change the displayed values for seconds (SEC), minutes
    (MIN) or hours (HR) in steps. TIP: Press and hold the key to make the numbers change
    more quickly.
  3. Press the CLOCK (TIMER) key briefly, in order to confirm the set time. The time does not flash.

sed in-place – find and replace string in all files

Sed is a really powerful and useful linux program when you want to replace certain string in a file.
But it gets harder when you wan replase srting in all available files in directory .
Here is the solution with sed in-place command:

find /home/user/mydir -type f -exec sed -i 's/oldstring/newstring/g' {} \;

Useful links:


Saleae clone drivers for Windws 8.1 64bit

About 1,5 year ago I bought a Saleae clone for about 12$. Saleae clone is a small logic analyser built with 8051 microcontroller (CY7C6813A-68VPXC) with USB on board, that uses an original Saleae Logic software.

Cheap saleae clone with 8051 microcontroller.
Seleae clone.

As I remember I had some problems with drivers on Windows XP. But after a brief exchange of e-mails the seller send me a proper drivers that worked perfectly on my computer.
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